Some of the assignments have been as glamorous as acting as a travel companion to New York, London and the Bahamas for an elderly widow. The process of property Act Conveyancing Sydney is well explained as transferring property’s legal title from one person to another. The whole process has complex and legal steps to perform and the person who performs this process are called as conveyancers and also called as settlement agent.

Others have been as unusual as feeding a wild raccoon that showed up nightly for his evening repast in the backyard of an Oakley resident.Still other customers — snowbirds who winter in Florida — wanted someone to put footprints in the snow so that it looked like someone was around when the homeowners were somewhere south of Tallahassee.

But the most common request for Julie Hagenmaier and her My Girl Friday business is to do the grocery shopping. That appears to be No. 1 on the list of chores that people want to avoid.Hagenmaier established My Girl Friday five years ago, as a concierge service to handle errands and chores that some people — especially well-paid professionals — are willing to pay $30-an-hour to avoid. Conveyancing process is necessary to perform because if you are thinking to sell or buy a property then in that case you have to deal with their process to complete your property transaction process.

For example, My Girl Friday won’t do the laundry, but a staffer — often a stay-at-home mom looking for supplementary income — will pick up the dry cleaning.My Girl Friday won’t fix a leaky faucet, but it will provide someone who will wait at the home for the plumber to arrive to make the repair.

My Girl Friday won’t clean a messy house, but staffers will help organize a house once someone has hauled out the junk, old newspapers, empty pizza boxes and finished the dishes from last Thanksgiving.”I remember telling one person that they needed a maid service first and then we would come in and help them get organized,” Hagenmaier said. “We don’t do anything with children,” she said.”We’re not a maid service, and we can’t transport anyone in our vehicles – we’re not a taxi service.” Property conveyancing is well performed by experienced and licensed conveyancers who are specially trained to deal with your property transaction process of buying and selling properties both.